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DRy Body Brush Wooden Hand Bath Brush The brush is left with forget about any dimples or pores Body or grains very reduces your chic, body is a body that can use dry exfoliation and improve blood circulation The body is a cooling sensation that can capture your skin EXERCISE FOR YOUR BODY ( Soften Pores and Allows Your Skin Pores) It Breathe completely to remove dead skin by helping to relieve and reduce any muscle tension and comfort the massage penguin to remove toxins and dirt causing Pop about how to remove skin Olahi Mesh Z I Dry Brush because it has a silicone part inside the brush when you work Deep massage skin Helps to finish cellulite and stretch mark fuid use dry body brush Forget unhealthy skin Forget cellulite Forget cellulite Remember about what you want simply 1- Detoxifying: by removing the "scurf" layer 2. Support the lymphatic system: brushing skin enhances movement inside the lymphatic system, when the lymphatic system rests or does not work properly, waste and toxins can build up and lead to illness of health. 3.Improve blood circulation brushing the skin can lead to a more refreshed and refreshed (the same effect of workout) because of the movement it creates within your body. 4.Cleansing pores and removing dry skin removes dead skin and clear pores, allowing your skin to breathe 5- Can help relieve muscle tension and increase feeling of calm. 6.Remove cellulite with frequent use by massaging the skin.

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