Car Care Foaming Soap Nozzle

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The car spray head with built-in soap for total cleaning

Foam Jetter turns your humble hosepipe into a complete car washing system thanks to a unique, built-in soap reservoir that allows you to switch from soaking with clean water

Switch between suds and water at the twist of a dial

Until now, washing your car involved a collection of things that needed to be filled, prepped, turned on and dragged onto your driveway. The hose was just one element, as well as buckets of soapy water, sponges, cloths, and no small amount of elbow grease! Foam Jetter gives you the power of a soapy, suddy car wash in the same hose that you rinse and wash with, with fully-adjustable power and pressure levels.

200ml Soap reservoir for soap-on-hand car cleaning With a large reservoir that holds 200ml of car-cleaning soap, you can have all the suds and foam you need regardless of the size of vehicle. Foam Jetter is compatible with all brands of car wash soap and is great for cars, trucks, boats, motorhomes, conservatories, patio furniture and more. Just fill the reservoir before cleaning, attach to the hosepipe with the universal connector, and that’s all you need to take to the ca

4 water spray settings; cone, vertical, stream or foam Of course Foam Jetter isn’t just about soap and foam, it can be use

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