Long Stainless Steel Spoon Handle Spoons with Straw for Mixing Drinking with Cleaning Brush(Stir)

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Spoons Set:The set contains 6 iced tea spoons and two brushes.The spoon fits almost into regular cups and glasses.It can be used as an ice tea spoon,coffee stirring spoon,ice cream spoon,cocktail stirring spoon,milkshakes,root beer floats.The stirring spoon is not heavy and easy to carry.For example,it is convenient and practical when you go out on a picnic with your friends or bring your portable utensils.

High-quality Material:This iced tea spoon is made of high-quality stainless steel,and the stainless steel material is easy to clean.

Bottom of the Spoon:The handle of this spoon is actually a straw.The handle and the bottom of the spoon are connected as a whole spoon.The straw head is about 0.8mm away from the bottom of the spoon,so don’t worry about the long distance between them and the bottom of the beverage cannot be sucked when the beverage is drunk to the end.

Multi-function:This is a dual-purpose metal spoon.It is an ice tea spoon,a stirring spoon,and can also be used as a straw;The spoon is multi-purpose.It is a good choice when you are drinking drink or cocktail.

Applicable Occasions:It can be used in bars,offices,homes,juice shops,coffee shops,restaurants,kitchens and parties.These spoons are used to stir drinks and can also be used as straws when drinking.

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