Laptop Stand Folding Vertical Plastic Portable Lifting Desktop Height-Adjusting Heat Dissipation Base Bracket

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1The adjustable laptop stand can fix the laptop or tablet at the correct angle and viewing height. There are 5 tilt angles to choose from. It is very suitable for alleviating neck and shoulder pain after working on a laptop for hours. Provide a better perspective, relief eye fatigue and headaches. Do more actions in a more comfortable situation!

2Suitable for desks, tables, beds, sofas, couches, cars or any other places where you want to use a laptop or tablet. It is better than putting it on your knees or flat on a flat surface. Helps keep the keyboard at a healthier angle to relief wrist and hand fatigue, pain and carpal tunnel.

3 Lightweight and portable, you only need to fold it and carry it with you. After being folded, the volume is small, and the weight is only 1 pound and a half. Convenient to carry, it can be put in a backpack, briefcase, travel luggage, put in a desk drawer during work, or carried in a car. It is essential for office workers, students, travelers, and anyone who needs to use a laptop anytime, anywhere.

4 The open backing provides air circulation to help your laptop or tablet cool down normally. It is better than laying it flat on a table, table or fabric surface, such as a sofa, than placing hardware on a tabletop, table or fabric surface. This will help your computer run faster and more efficient.

5 No need to assemble. This advanced adjustable laptop stand is fully assembled. Take it out of the box and adjust the angle. Available at any time, enjoy immediately. It is suitable for many different purposes, and can hold a book, recipe cards, retyped papers, research materials, etc. Help you stay organized and work more efficiently.

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