C.C.K. Alkaline Maifan Stone Multistage FILTER CARTRIDGES Minerals 4 IN1 FILTER Adjust PH/Calcium+ Quick Fittings

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Weak alkaline ion ball can adjust the PH of the water, make tap water or acidic water can be turned into alkaline ionized water beneficial to human body.

Calcium sulfite ball can be efficient, durable to remove residual chlorine. And safe, high temperature resistant, not breed bacteria.

Far infrared ball release electricity and far infrared ray, make small molecules water, small molecular group water activity is very strong. With a strong penetration, strong solvency, strong force of diffusion. Water of high oxygen content, can bring the tissue cells in the human body more oxygen.

Medical stone contains a variety of trace minerals beneficial to human body. And with super adsorption.

ATTENTION: Filter is for cold water use only.

1-Shut off water supply

2-Note the flow direction on filter

3-Twist fittings tightly to both ends of filter and connect thread firmly

4-Turn on water and check for leaks.If leaks persisit,discontinue use and call your supporting dealer

5-Flush filter for 10 minutes before use

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